Gone with the Wind

The first time I saw <Gone with the Wind> was five years ago. I was graduated from junior high that summer,and I was quite struck with it,so I saw not only the movie but also the novel over and over again. Even now,it’s still the unique classic deep in my heart,and Vivien Leigh is still my favorite actress in Hollywood at that time. Although I can almost remember every line, every time I watch the movie again,it still always gives me some new feelings----

 When Scarlett and Rhett meet at the first time,how interesting the talking between ‘Sir,you are no gentleman’ and ‘And you,miss,are no lady.’ is!

 When Rhett says ‘Frankly,my dear,I don't give a damn’ to Scarlett’s begging,how heart-broken they are! 

When Scarlett finds that her love to Ashley is just a beautiful dress she knits and dresses him----no more than an indulging illusion,I think about how does ourselves?Don’t we understand ourselves accurately? 

When the old O'Hara teaches his daughter their Irish Land complex that gives her endless power later in her life and how important Tara is,I identify them so much. When the Civil War ends,the old south sinks into misery, opportunists coming from the north swarm into the south to make a fortune by fair means or foul,and those newly liberated slaves are at a loss but they were treated well in Tara or in Twelve Oaks before the war, I feel so real how cruel the war always is!and reckon do we konw the whole facts between masters and slaves. 

There are a few words on the screen before the opening of the movie:

 ‘There was a land of cavaliers and gotten fields called the old south... 

Here in this pretty world gallantry took its last blow. 

Here was the last ever to be seen of knights and their ladies fair ,of master and of slave. 

Look for it only in books,for it is no more than a dream remembered. 

A civilization gone with wind...’

 I have wrote them for many times. 

The movie is about four hours,but you don’t feel any second can be abandoned.It deserves the top of early Hollywood,which is a grand work about love in particular historical background.

 Above all,those charming female characters in the old south must be mentioned. When ‘Ashley’ feel that the cause of living in past is daying right in front of them,the ladies,they are ‘Scarlett’ ----smart,brave and have all the passion for life to lead people to get on the track, they are ‘ Melanie’ ----gentle,calm but firm enough to encourage their men to get rid of what the war have brought to them. They are who rebuilt their South from both outside and inside.

 Every time when ‘After all, tomorrow is another day!’ rings out,I know the story never ends.