Romeo and Juliet(2013)

‘Two household ,both alike in dignity, in Fair Verona,where we lay our scene. From ancient grudge break to new mutiny where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. As so the Prince has called a tournament to keep the battle from the city streets……’

Accompanied by the charming British accent and graceful soundtrack,the classical love story of Shakespeare adapted by Carlo Carlei is starting. Now rival Capulets and Montagues are chasing. They try their strength to gain the Royal ring. At last,Montague gains the triumph. 

While this news is spreading,our lovely heroine Juliet appears----one of my favorite scenes in this movie. Under the fascinating sunshine, amid a large parkland,she is running with halo,just so pure,so innocent. The camera focuses on her magnificent skirt’s hem initially,and ascend slowly to her whole elegant figure with long curly blond hair. She is passing the door, talking back to her nurse,climbing the spiral stairways and gets on the upstairs ultimately----Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day! But all the beauty lasts only till her turn-back. I have to say the face of Hailee Steinfeld doesn’t fit Juliet to some degree. Or just another disappointment for expecting too much. After all,this movie is not a wonderful version indeed,no matter for the skill of actors or the plot editing. 

However,casting aside the directing of this movie,only appreciate this love story----How long don’t you fall in love just purely with totally no reason? When I finish this movie,that’s my greatest feeling.In this complex word today. Things is a little strange.Love in tale is unseasonable,and the lines in the style of Shakespeare is somehow with a sense of distant.So we easily take down them to catch something more entertaining.But when Romeo and Juliet fall in love just so bravely,so desperately,great power comes from intense emotion. I am just---- moved deeply. See how Romeo say---- ‘Can I go home when all my heart is here?’ ‘The brightness of her cheek would shame the stars as daylight doth a lamp’ ‘Her eyes set in heaven would give forth such light that birds would sing and think it were not night.’ Too much too list. Although they die for love at last , is never one of Shakespeare’s tragedies. 

For this version,there’s one thing I want to emphasize at last. That is the soundtrack can’t be more marvelous.